Supper Club #7: Quealy & Chris

Chefs: Quealy Watson & Chris Cheatwood
Southtown Supper Club #7

  • Chicken cracker with chicken liver mousse and Tabasco honey gel
  • Potato chip dashi, fermented ramps, ramp greens, foie
  • A visit to the garden
  • King crab, mayo ice cream, smoke roasted corn, shrimp chip, jicama, lucas, arugula flower
  • Crispy veal tongue, sauce tonnato, lard confit tuna, micro celery, favas and peas, preserved lemon, pistachio milk
  • Beeswax braised artichoke, mussel quark cheese jus, puffed grains and seeds, broccoli flower, evoo
  • Whipped wet rind cheese, ritz cracker liquid sable, rhubarb jam, prosciutto fat, pumpkin seed oil, pistachio
  • Carrot sponge, 20yr fruit cake ice cream, loquat, carrot juice frosting, bergamot mint, foie crumb
  • Caramelized pork belly, butter pecan semifreddo, halvah
  • Caramelized white chocolate, oil cured olive sable, orange marmalade