Southtown Supper Club #12: Jesse Perez

STSC #12 Cover PhotoChefs: Jesse Perez, Kane, Gerald

Real. Good. Food.

  • Bay Scallops from Baja, Jalapeño, Citrus
  • Hamachi Crudo and Pork Belly, Soy, Chipotle
  • Lamb Chops, Mojo, Kale
  • Tuna Tar Tar, Special Sauce, Egg
  • Fancy That Cauli and Cheddar Soup with Shrimp
  • Big Ass Shrimp, Harissa, More Spices
  • Broken Arrow Lamb Leg, Polenta, Roasted Veggies
  • Poteet Strawberry Flatcakes, 10X Sugar, Chantilly Cream

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Southtown Supper Club #10: Zach Garza

Chefs: Zach Garza, with Cesar Hernandez, Sabrina Nava, and Brandon McKelvey

  • Rum-Compressed Grilled Watermelon
    rind pickles, crispy salmon skin, mojito quark
  • Black Drum & Bay Scallop Ceviche
    roasted peach & serrano leche de tigre, garlic chips, marjoram
  • Seared Beef Striploin Carpaccio
    charcoal mayo, summer pickles, bitter greens, roasted habanero vinaigrette
  • Fig Granita
    tarragon tuile
  • Smoked Summer Squash & Pepper Caponata
    toasted pistachios, hoja santa, queso fresco
  • Grilled Okra & Heirloom Tomatoes
    pearl onions, pasilla-lime cashew butter, toasted cashews
  • Smoked Tofu
    soba noodles, julienne vegetables, aji panca cream, fresh herbs, toasted hazelnuts
  • Barbequed Chicken Thigh
    charred tomatillos, grilled corn & avocado salad, crispy skin, cilantro glace
  • Deep-Fried Veal Breast
    summer greens, compressed cherries, coriander corn nuts, goat’s milk blue cheese
  • Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream
    mezcal-banana mousse, chile morita-basil cookie

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Supper Club #9: Robbie, Shi, and Joe

Southtown Supper Club #9Chefs: Robbie Nowlin, Shi Mei, Joe Gallero

  1. Soft Scrambled Organic Egg, Shallot, Crème Fraiche, Ossetra Cavia, Potato “Chips”
  2. Summer “Caponata” with Mint, Basil, Goat Cheese and Garlic Melba
  3. Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Brown Butter Cornbread, Marcona Almonds, and Salted Maple
  4. Warm Veal Tongue with Cherries, Candied Pecans, Arugula, and Horseradish Crème Fraiche
  5. Lime-Coconut Sorbet with Espelette
  6. Smoked Pork Belly with Blackstrap Sauce, Cured Egg Yolk and Scallion Salad
  7. “Onion” Risotto with Poached and Fried Oyster, Iberico Ham and Garlic Chips
  8. Sous Vide Akaushi Ribeye with Ravigote and Chimicurri
  9. Agave Nectar-Valhrona Chocolate Ganache with Toasted Marshmallow and Almond Streusel

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Supper Club #8: Mara, Logan, and Steven

Supper Club #8Chefs: Mara Serna, Logan Jung, Steven O’Sullivan

MONGREL (noun): a cross between types of persons or things.

I. pinwheels valentina mayo
II. martini gin dust / onion / lemon
III. elote fried egg mayo / lime / paprika
IV. oyster angostura jam / bbq
V. cactus red bean puree / shrimps / tomato / radish
VI. pescado squash blossom / pickle / charred cream
VII. lamb tar tar / jerky / pringles / yellow / green
VIII. fideo tentacles / cumin / crispy bits
IV. mole duck offals / pepitas / smoked herbs
X. menudo honey comb / hominy / shaved onion
XI. threesome sour patch kids / jung’s concoction / PB shmear

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Supper Club #7: Quealy & Chris

Chefs: Quealy Watson & Chris Cheatwood
Southtown Supper Club #7

  • Chicken cracker with chicken liver mousse and Tabasco honey gel
  • Potato chip dashi, fermented ramps, ramp greens, foie
  • A visit to the garden
  • King crab, mayo ice cream, smoke roasted corn, shrimp chip, jicama, lucas, arugula flower
  • Crispy veal tongue, sauce tonnato, lard confit tuna, micro celery, favas and peas, preserved lemon, pistachio milk
  • Beeswax braised artichoke, mussel quark cheese jus, puffed grains and seeds, broccoli flower, evoo
  • Whipped wet rind cheese, ritz cracker liquid sable, rhubarb jam, prosciutto fat, pumpkin seed oil, pistachio
  • Carrot sponge, 20yr fruit cake ice cream, loquat, carrot juice frosting, bergamot mint, foie crumb
  • Caramelized pork belly, butter pecan semifreddo, halvah
  • Caramelized white chocolate, oil cured olive sable, orange marmalade

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Supper Club #6: Say.She.Ate

Southtown Supper Club #6Chefs: Brandon McKelvey, Halston Connella & Drew Borgstedte

  • Orange Sriracha sweet & spicy pecans, duck fat popcorn
  • California Club Charcuterie: turkey rillettes, applewood smoked bacon, fresh avocado, English cheddar, pickled cherry tomatoes, aioli, bread points
  • Serrano poppers: stuffed with pepper jack, battered & deep fried, charred onion ranch
  • Lobster cakes, creole mustard hollandaise, cajun tomato caramel, pickled celery
  • Smoked Blue Point oysters. cilantro, lemon
  • Braised Akaushi short ribs with shaved chocolate
  • Medley of greens: collard, mustard, turnip
  • Sprite-Sriracha glazed carrots
  • Charred marshmallow chocolate Ovaltine layer cake
  • Golden Grahams milkshake

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Supper Club #5: Robbie & Joe

Southtown Supper Club #5Chefs: Robbie Nowlin & Joe Gallero

  • Butter Poached Pacific Oyster “Pearl”, Fried Mantel, Ossetra Caviar, Chive
  • #1 Ahi Tuna “Tartare”, Kecap Scallion Salad, Crispy Garlic Chips, Sauce Gribiche
  • P.E.I. Mussels, Spanish Chorizo Baguette
  • Whole Roasted Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Citrus Marmalade, Bitter Chocolate, Toasted Brioche
  • “Pork and Beans” Potato Chip Crusted Pork Belly, “Baked Beans”, Dijon Mustard
  • Local Rabbit Roulade, Glazed Cippolini Onions, Baby Carrots, White Asparaagus
  • Grilled Wagyu Strip Loin, Brussels Sprouts, Baby Beets, Pickled Eggplant, Horseradish Crème Fraîche
  • Chocolate Tart, Almond Praline, Salted Caramel, Chantilly

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Supper Club #3: Rudolfo & Luis

Southtown Supper Club #3Chefs: Rudolfo Martinez & Luis Colon

  • Brûléed uni & cheese on toast points; salt cod croquette with dehydrated pork fat
  • Cold-smoked Gulf shrimp
  • “Ham and Eggs”: ham gelée, salmon roe, mustard “glass,” crème fraiche, lavender blossoms
  • Deconstructed bahn mi
  • Venison heart tartare, mustard green purée, rice chips
  • “Oysters” two ways: blue point oyster with bacon vinegar; sautéed oyster mushrooms
  • Crispy duck skin with sweet corn pudding
  • Duck consommé
  • Deconstructed pastrami on rye: duck pastrami, shaved brussels sprouts, rye pudding, mustard paper
  • Seared rainbow trout, salsify emulsion, nasturtium
  • Seared calamari, golden truffles, cauliflower purée
  • Foie gras stuffed pork trotter, mixed berry gastrique
  • 48-hour sous vide ribeye smoked over pine, root vegetables, served on a pine block
  • Braised pork belly, fried couscous, tapenade
  • Foie gras ice cream, pineapple granita, shaved chicharrones
  • Banana pudding, orange gelée, strawberry pop rocks, served in a tube
  • Lemon verbena sorbet, shortbread, feta, salted cucumber

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